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Greetings one and all!

I'm Spynmaster. Yes, I based it off the Neo-Geo game, 'cause it's one of my favorites. Back then, yo-yos were the unspoken tool & weapon of the streets to me. It's fun & playful, yet violent & torturous. It was tricky like that.

I play video games and I watch others play them too. Among my top played genres are RPGs & Beat 'em ups, like the Tales Series. Top watched belongs to Fighting & Platformers.

I'm always looking for videos of games I can't/don't want to play for the storyline, so I'll be making requests here and there.

See you all around!
Hey Spynmaster! Hope you enjoy your stay here. :)
Hello! Welcome to the site :P Before making any requests please look at the 'HUEG Request' List to see if any of the games you will be requesting are not already requested :P
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Sweetness we have a spy in the website
If you want to prove yourself...First you must complete the task you're given. - Auron (Final Fantasy X)
Hahaha :P

That's Spyn. As in, Spin. Sillyhead.

I don't really care for espionage games. I'd rather go in and start swinging, racking up combos & chains while casting elements and spells in their faces, though my character balance focuses on speed, agility, and tricking.
Welcome to the community, enjoy your stay
Sic Parvis Magna

Can anyone tell me what's with the roleplay-ish stats under my side info?
hi... hope you enjoy and we can share knowledge about rx247 games together.... :)
I hope so as well. :)
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