Request!!! - Metal Gear Solid-The Twin Snakes (GC)

Last updated on 13 years ago
Hey Everyone!

Just hoping and wondered if anyone might do a run of Metal Gear Solid - The Twin snakes for (Gamecube), its the Remake of the very first metal gear solid for the PSX (Playstation).

This game contains Way better new Graphic, New Moves. Like hanging from the railing, Jump attack as u see in metal gear solid 2 and 3. the Cutscenes have been remaked aswell and they are SO way Cool! and also hiding enemies inside the lockers again like metal gear solid 2 and 3.

I really hope someone would like to do this longplay. i have seen the PSX metal gear solid from RickyC and that was just Awesome! THUMPS UP FOR THAT! :great

I hope someone might take this task up! and leave a post here to let us know who will do it!

Raidennn: LOOKING at RickyC :roll:

Kind regards a Hughe fan of and recordedamigagames


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I'd want to do it but this game isn't cheap online. Wished i'd bought it when i saw it in shops when released but never had a GC then :/
Dont worry ill see to it ricky I have a copy from a friend :D
U just play awful at that game anyways I want people to see a proper stealth Longplay :D
Im still very thankfull to You rickyC for doing this if u could get the copy from Ultima! (Thanks Ultima!) Oh dont forget RickyC wrote as comment: METAL GEAR! awesome series, not played since forever so i didn't play that good and only on normal. so i still give credit for doing a fine and great Job! ^^
HAHA love your sarcasm buddy :D
Haha sorry it wasnt ment as sarcasm i actually have to apologize i misunderstood the whole thing what i though was that u had a GC version and would let ricky borrow it since he said he didnt have the game and like u came to the rescue so he could do the run. My bad! haha but now when i read everything i understand why u took it as sarcasm haha

Im hoping to do an Hard Playthrough with 0 kills, 0 deaths, 0 alerts and 0 rations!
hey i just saw your video on youtube howcome you didnt get the m12 or something i forgot the name.
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