SNES games still missing that you want covered?

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World 4 beaten without taking a hit :)
I had an idea for another game:

Anyone ever heard of Feda: The Emblem of Justice?

It's a turn based SRPG by the creators of the Shining series, same character designer and all.
yes yes i have. i was thinking about playing that one buuut
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I got a game completed btw... The Chester Cheetah Too Cool to Fool one that someone requested, yep that's done.

However it wasn't as hard as the requester said.
Thanks Taro, that was me. The game was hard when i was a kid :P

Not sure if there was a 2nd game of it?
How about:

All of the Street Fighter games (with all endings at the end of the video)
All the Street Fighter games? That's a lot of endings

In all seriousness Soul Blazer is the long in snes term of getting done, followed by the eventual Final Fantasy V repost
Hm so I didn't find the Magical Quest games in any lists. Maybe add those?

You know "Mickey Mouse starring in Mystical Quest" or something among the lines. Three games in total.

Then there's True Lies, a game for the Schwarzenegger movie. I thought it was one of the better movie-based games back then.

What about Turtles Tournament Fighters? A really solid fighter with Turtles characters.

My ctrl+f told me Earthbound was missing still too.
The Magical Quest games have been done. They are in the SNES Section... Ctrl + F is your friend :-) All three are done on the SNES (the first one twice)
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Huh strange, I actually went through both, the big request thread as well as the SNES list, with the ctrl+f thing.

Must have had a brainfart, sorry for that.
Yeah those three are good examples of games done... and it was this guy who did them. :D
Earthbound has been done, though it was by someone with no previous experience with the game. If that's your thing, great, but for people familiar with the game (like me,) it can be absolutely maddening.
You're the 2nd person to request Doom... I shall add that to the list.
Terranigma's been covered so it's now gone from the list. D:
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Got another one for you:

Judge Dredd
I will take a look at the following games in the near future, however I have just completed another Super Nintendo game that this series hasn't had more games done for the site.

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