Silmaris Star Blade , 1990 walkthrough request

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Hi, could you please put the long play of the game,
StartBlade by Silmaris (1990) ?

you can search the keyword on Google, and find free download (370 KB)

and you can find guide, walk through in .txt format  .

Looking forward to see the video walk through from you guys.



Guide in plain text:

Starblade de Silmarils - ENGLISH WALKTHROUGH
(from French original - English by Andreas Eibach - for English Amiga Board [EAB])

There exists more than one strategy to finish this adventure, however, in any case I'd strongly
suggest to read the leaflet supplied with the original game for successful handling of each of
the game's aspects.such as the correct usage of the shield, the command post, the materials
logistics or even the inside architecture, i. e. the floor plan of the spaceship, which will NOT
be described in this solution; hence, with all of the following parts, it is assumed that you
already know everything essential about these things.

You start the game by loading some cereals onto your Altta before entering the planet while still
circling in the orbit.

Take the sword, wield it in your hands and sell the cereals as well as the two magnetic cards
you were supposed to find. Then, buy some drugs.

TISRON (Zone 1, System 0 - in hyperspace)
Before landing on the planet, DO NOT forget to wear your space-suit which is found inside the
cabinet on the hallway left from the pilot's seat. At the first merchant's, you must sell the drugs
which you bought, then exit on the right hand side of the screen. Once outside, you go on the left
hand side of the screen to obtain the mine AD-02 and take it towards the rear. Find the magnetic card
which is on the right, sell it and IMMEDIATELY load the space-ship and the Altta with metal (you will
need several runs to accomplish this), considering to put away your space-suit during your loading
operations, in order not to mindlessly waste precious oxygen.

SHELTA (Zone 4, System 0 - by standard travel)
Sell the magnetic card as well as all the metal. Then, buy a container and fill it up with gasoline
beyond its nominal filling quantity, that is, up to 200%. From now on, you will be able to do all
your travels in hyperspace!

XYLGONA (Zone 4, System 2)
Fill the space-ship with water and obtain the book by killing the person at the last table.

ERINA (Zone 4, System 2)
Sell three units of water and kill the cyberpod by dropping the mine AD-02. Then collect the
ROM CFP-099, sell the magnetic card and then fill her up again.

HIRGON (Zone 1, System 1)
To replenish your health, buy two potions and a supply of oxygen on the black market, then refill
the Altta with water.

ITAVIS (Zone 2, System 1).
Kill the first enemy crossing your way, then get the protection shield which drops off him. Sell
all the water replenish the cryogen compartments, then fill her up again.

ANTARES (Zone 3, System 0)
Seize the chance of buying a laser pistol and a load of refill on the black market (well, this might
always come in handy, mightn't it). At the merchant's, sell the cryogen and the magnetic card,
then fill the space-ship with uranium.

SKAVER (Zone 3, System 1)
Give the book to the mage: in return, he will give you the ability to use psychical powers.
Do not forget to fill her up again!

ENDROMA (Zone 4, System 0)
Obtain the psycho-laser XMT-03 BK and sell all of your uranium.

ONKILLER (Zone 0, System 1)
Perform all needed repairs (if any), buy a heavy laser, torpedoes and fill her up with gasoline.
Back on the space-ship, insert the ROM CFP 099 into the center of the cockpit's circuit, which
is located between Airlock 2, Gate B, and right-side armour. As your destination, select CASSANDRA,
then enter the access code "SIGMUND", which you could figure out by combining the information
contained on both magnetic cards M1 and M2. This time, however, you can solely perform a standard
travel, hence fasten your seatbelts and reassemble the command post, since the way is going to be
fairly long and most likely littered with lots of traps.

Having landed on CASSANDRA, put on your space-suit, replenish your oxygen supply and drink a
potion to gain maximum health. After you have successfully eliminated two dozen Cephalhydras
by means of your XMT, Genolyne, in all his splendour, will appear in front of you.
The future of the ORION galaxy is in your hands.
Close your eyes, and loose off your entire supply of ammunition!

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