Longplays.net offical flash game released!

Last updated on 14 years ago
I'm happy to announce that we have now a flash game specially made for our site! The game is created by Ironclaw who has created flash games for our other sites such as Recorded Amiga Games before.

This time he created a little mario game. The game uses mainly gfx from the original Nintendo game on SNES. But also sprites and music from other games have been used.

Your mission is easy - collect as many coins as you can and get to the finish line before the time runs out. If the time runs out before you get there, you will die!

Cursor Keys - for select.
(read more in the game)

Screenshots from game itself:
[img width=500]http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/2679/marioscreenssmall.png[/img]

Gameplay video showing how to play:

Wanna try yourself?
The game can be found in the features tab. You can also click on the flash banner that are located at random places on the site.
You're high score list is down. "The Domain name may be for sale by it's owner"
We've noticed already... it's really too bad. I only know of one other good HS system to use, but that one uses forced ADVERTISMENT in it... and I don't want that in my games as it's not my gfx or sfx in them. So ads is a big no-no when I havn't done 100% of the game... I only come up with the ideas, rip, code, put everything together...

Will see if I can find something else...

No one knew Armor Bot would go down. I've checked several forums and everyone is equally surprised.
But... those ARE ads!
The highscores now works again.

Unfortunately we lost the old scores. So play again! :)
it seems very interesting to play this game but i could not found this game in feature tab. please help me out to find it. i really want to try it.
thank you
If you go to the bottom of any page a BIG logo saying "Click here to play our flash game" will take you there :P
Metal Gear! uhhggg
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