longplay in other languages than english too

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Hello everyone, i love longplays and i know there are some french here too and surely people of other countries. It would be nice to offer them the opportunity to publish longplays in their own language. Apparently, of all internet, this web site is the only community.

Thank you.
Ah yes good idea . i'm french too .
I dont think its really a good idea. Why put time and effort into some game in another language, and then only people that know that language can see and enjoy it? Most people in the world know only english as a foreign language, that's how it is. I'm not against this idea, only if there is first a longplay for the game in english. Also, on cubex55 are uploaded only lp in english, and i would prefer it to stay the same. My opinion.
Well, there are some Japanese games on cubex55. I think there may be some Russian ones as well. We(?) would accept and upload longplays in other languages, but then the audience will bitch and moan about why it isn't in English...or something...on YouTube. There was a discussion about languages in the IRC at one point, around when Stoneworld was doing Dino Crisis.

See: Mirror's Edge. It is in French. Reception was...not so great? The audience complained, but this is YouTube.

I'm all for games in other languages, though, what with the goal to archive many games.
Well . I see , but for xbox 360 We have the possibility to play they game on english .
A new section could be put so that the French people speak between the ?
This is absolutely unacceptable. Most of the people all over the internet understands basic English at least. Except in two cases: where a Japanese game might be different (less censored etc...) than it's english version (this goes for all languages, not only jp). And if there is no English version released a game on it's native language would be accepted. That's it. Let's not flood longplays.org with Call of Duty in 70 different languages.
Agreed. We don't need 70 Call of Duty longplays in different languages, or Super Mario and Sonic games in multiple languages. One or two languages is enough. If there's a game for North America and Australia, English is used. If there's a European-only game, a language from Europe is used. If it's a Japanese import, Japanese is mainly used.

Problem is, some people around the internet can't translate. Can you say tough chips about subtitles, and figure it out yourself?
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ouaiiii :D
For very narrative games like Broken sword, Runaway games it is great and know they do record the voices in a few other languages. Let's thank them for that. Well for runaway, i love the english voices. For broken sword it's better in french. For monkey island, grim fandago, it's equally great.

Donc si un fan des chevaliers de baphomet lit ça et est fan, let's go :D

The broken sword 5 may come with a longplay given to the kick starters by the way, made by the company itself.
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