Allow me to reintroduce myself

Last updated on 11 years ago
I felt that I didn't do a very good job introducing myself some years ago. So here it goes.

I'm "smegbug2". I created my name years and years ago, I took two words from the British Sci-Fi Comedy "Red Dwarf" and put them together. The first one was 'smeg', which was their own made up swear word that fit in all sorts contexts (other types of copycats used "frell" Farscape and "frak" Battlestar Galactica). I used the second half of their name for a space ship they had called "Starbug". I originally used "SmegBug" as my username for AIM, but forgot my password, thus "SmegBug2" was born, then it finally changed to it's final form "smegbug2".

I live in San Diego, but I'm originally from Iowa. I like all sorts of things, video games (duh!), TV, movies, books, WWE Wrestling, Doctor Who, and Zombies. Lots of other things too, but I'm too lazy to list them all.

I like to write in my spare time as a hobby, occasionally. Mostly comedy, but some other interesting things as well. I've written two songs as well. My longest running series writing wise is called, "Recession Bond". It's about what would happen if the James Bond world was hit by the recession. I've written three, and have partially written a forth. I have the whole story of four figured out, and most of the dialog/jokes written, I just need to flesh it out into it's finished form. I like how well the series has turned out so far. I've also written a few things that need to be done as epics, like The Lord of the Rings sized, but they're just outlines and bits and pieces, I doubt I'd ever do them justice by writing them myself. If anyone ever want's to check out anything I've written, I'm more than happy to share my work.

That's all for now.
My PSN name is: smegbug2

I know, real creative right? I'm a total genius!
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