longplays wanted

Last updated on 8 years ago
Can anybody play these games completely and do a longplay:

Ty 1-3
Pac Man World 1-3
Scooby Doo Night/Frights with every Scooby Snack
wario land shake it (wii)
super paper mario (wii)
castlevania lament of innocence and curse of blood for playstation
mega man legends 1 and 2
starfox adventutres
legend of zelda: four swords adventures: both singular and multiple player strategy
pitfall the lost expediton
spyro a hero's tail/enter the dragonfly/ripto's rage/year of the dragon

LoZ cannot be done on multi-player as of now until a multi-core emulator (known as bizhawk) adds GBA and linking to it (GB Linking is possible so that won't be too far down the track)
Working On
"Some things are beyond your control. You shouldn't blame yourself." ~Cynder
Except Four Swords Adventure is a GameCube game. It's possible. Hell, I download the ISO in hopes of playing through it and then recording it. Never got around to formatting the ISO for Dios Mios.

As for the list, I could easily go through Lament of Innocence (hell, I had thoughts on going through for some time). It won't be 100% (no "All Relics"). Curse of Darkness (which I think is what you meant instead of "curse of blood"), not so much. I did get to the end of game, though. Too much optional stuff...kinda. But, can easily do this.

But, I have my hands kinda full here. <_<
Right, I was thinking of the other one >.>
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