A few things to look at/fix since the site move.

Last updated on 8 years ago
When signing up as a new user, the registration page just displays a black screen.

On the admin side, the Content/Images page isn't working at all. (In case I want to put anything here for support posts.)

Regarding the forum. After making a post or editing and saving, the page turns to a solid white page and wont go forward even after refreshing. I either have to reload the site or go back a few times to the site and refresh.

The recent comment box on the front page. Can it be expanded to display more such as the user name that posted and what game the comment refers to.

Can the left panel be made thinner, so that it touches the side of the shout text box as it currently takes up a lot of room atm. Maybe the same for the right side panel should that become enabled in the future.

For the centre panel, can a horizontal scroll bar be added. Currently it can be hard to get to the side info panel if a big screenshot is used.

Regarding all that black space around the site. Maybe we should look at some kind of background image that blends well with the site, or limit the amount of space the black takes up which is quite a lot when displays in full screen 1920x1200.

The Amiga link graphic shown be changed for one saying Commodore. That said maybe these links could be redrawn to include the company logo and appear abit more central and adapt to the browser window size.
Yeah that screenshot problem should be fixed asap. Also there are a lot of bugs in the submission page. For example, i changed the status of one game to encoding and then it just dissapeared from the list, or gives a message as "longplay submitted". Or another time the description got lost, as it didnt appear when the longplay was added on the site. Another one is when characters like " ' are used, the description replaces them with some weird numbers.
Will look into it at some point in the next few weeks.

1. Fixed.
2. Fixed.
3. Fixed.
4. Thats a plugin - might need a new one or the current one would need editing, maybe at some point later on.
7. Give me a shot to use and that can be done :)
Hm I have the same size res and I have little black space around the side. Im pretty sure it expands with you screen to some extent.
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