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I've decided to use this thread as a catch-all for the longplays I'm doing, rather than creating a new thread for each one.

This was the original message I posted with the topic:


Hey everyone! This is my first longplay! I can't wait to show it off.

I'm going for 100% fruit collected as well as all of the equipment and data files.

My first goal is to beat the game, after which I'll collect all of the secret data files (since they're often such a pain to collect that they disrupt normal gameplay) and I'll show off the video you unlock for collecting all of them.

I'm also debating whether or not I'm going to do the Challenge mode and DLC as well. That stuff would also come after the completion of the story mode, so I've got some time to decide. I'm just not sure if I'm good enough at the game to beat all of the challenges.

Anyway, I'm hoping to have this video completed by the end of next week. Thanks! :)

I'm currently playing: Mario Kart 8
Uhm...its great seeing someone else besides me doing WiiU longplays but...why haven't you started on Pikmin 1/2 instead of the third and last in the series? I'm just curious. I think everybody would be glad to see the first game in the series be done before the third one.
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I don't have the first two games right now. I lent them to a friend who hasn't finished playing them yet. When I get them back I'll go back and do them.

Also, quick progress report:

I did a recording through Day 7, but for some reason the video file got irreparably corrupted. I don't know what caused it, but it doesn't seem to be happening anymore in any case. *shrug*

Unfortunately I had to start over so I'm only up to Day 4 as of now.

I estimate that the playthrough will take until like Day 22-25.
Progress Update:

I just about cleaned house in the Distant Tundra, and now I'm working on a good Day 7 in the Tropical Wilds. Ideally I only want to be there for a single day, rather than one full day and one extremely short Day 8 to clean up the boss and/or haul home the spoils.
I'm restarting the longplay today. I realized too late that I missed something important early on.
After attempting this several times I'm starting to think that maybe I should do a simpler game for my first longplay and revisit this one in the future.

I'm going to remove my pending submission from the list and probably do Mario Kart 8 or something instead.
Well thanks for the effort, however Pikmin is a long game, but it would be cool to see how much it would last :)

I heard Mario Kart 8 is a difficult game, so good luck!!

Maybe you should try Hello Kitty Kruisers for practice :P just kidding :)
I've already completed all the cups in 50cc with three stars rankings. B)

Also, I will return to Pikmin 3 in the future. It's not a difficult game, it just takes planning and organization to avoid wasting a whole bunch of time. Since I haven't played the later parts of the game since the first time I beat it, I end up having to practice each day five or more times to get an understanding of what I can/can't/should/shouldn't try to do that day. I can edit those practice runs out easily enough, but it still ends up taking me a ridiculous amount of time to progress.

I'm going to play the game through a couple more times and then give the longplay another try.

EDIT: Made it through 100cc without missing a three-star ranking. :3
Getting through 50cc and 100cc with three star rankings: 4 hours
Getting through 150cc Mushroom Cup with three stars: 6 hours
Getting through 150cc Flower Cup with three star rating: 12 hours and counting

What frustrates me the most is how the game tends to wait until the last ten seconds of Shy Guy Falls to just utterly decimate me with item spam. I can get first no problem on the first three races but some fantastical shit is afoot on those last 50 feet before I actually secure the victory. :o
I finally beat Flower Cup after getting some tips from a friend of mine who's way into this game.

Everything looks pretty good so far. I've been editing the video clips together as I've been going.

In the description for the video I'll list what I unlocked during the edited-out failed attempts. Thankfully I unlocked all of the characters on camera and the only things that are missing from the footage are some kart piece unlocks.
Any update on this?


I finally beat Flower Cup after getting some tips from a friend of mine who's way into this game.

Do you plan on getting Three Stars in Mirror Mode too? If you are, I congratulate you. It's not easy, but it can be done. I did an amateur Playthrough of Mario Kart 8 (100cc) last week, which can be found on my YouTube channel (I'll provide a link):


I'm glad the "Wii U Longplays" Playlist is being worked on. Currently, there aren't enough Longplays in this category, in spite of WoL mainly focussing on retro games. I can think of heaps of titles that haven't been done yet. Well done, Chiroptera. I'll be looking forward to watching this Longplay once it's complete. Ciao! --Totilix.
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