Cutting down on file size (for NES recording)

Last updated on 10 years ago
Hey guys, I'm making my first NES longplay for submission to the site, but I'm having an issue with the file size. The problem originates from BizHawk's recording feature only being able to capture NES's native resolution of 256x224; any attempts to resize the video while recording directly from BKM just captures the native rez and blows it up, creating a blurry, muddy movie even when using raw uncompressed video. So here's the process I used.

I used OBS to record the gameplay from the BizHawk window, which is susceptible to bumps and skips even when they're the only processes running. To fix this, made two recordings of the movie, uploaded them both in Adobe Premiere, and manually went through and used each other to patch out any flaws in the audio or video.

The result is a crisp, smooth movie at the required 512x448 resolution. But when it comes to encoding the final product, I can't seem to get it below 500~ megs without compression artifacts showing. Is there something I'm missing?
Bizhawks ability to record 1:1 is one of its redeeming features and you should always render this way. Afterwards you can apply an upscale filter such as nearest neighbour or point resize in Virtual dub / avi synth to upscale 2x pixel perfect.
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