Quality Check: Bully PS2

Last updated on 7 years ago
Thread mainly ment for the attention of Spazbo4 but may be useful to discuss for all. As I'm always questioning the quality of the SD longplays. I Feel some of the recent sd wii/gamecube/xbox could have done with some brightness calibration.

I'm a little concerned about an 8 our run of the game fitting in a little over 3.5gb video. Not only that, its half the lengh of Geekmeisters video so one of them is either taking far to long doing stuff in the game or not completing the game ;)

Maybe I'm just being an asshole and moaning over nothing in my Elitist pursuit for video quality in our longplays or maybe we need to toughen up our submission & acceptance policy for the good of the site and humanity! I like to the think the site has come along way since the early days of highly compressed and blurry movies mainly due to youtube limitations..

Anyway just a quick image quality comparison I had a shot made from the ps2 pal version (Captured from a ps2)


And the submitted ps2 screenshot from the ntsc version I assume (Captured from ps3)

Wow, thank you so much for this site, I'm one of those obssesive persons as for brightness and contrast adjustment, very helpfull.

I'll follow the steps you said before doing any tweaking.

But the question I really wanted to know, is if there's a correction/adjustment availible in the Avysynth script, or the Megui software. And if it's allowed. If it's not, I still wanna know for other renders.....
Generally, pc games should be absolutely fine on its defaults. Before you can tweak anything you need to make sure the image you are seeing on your screen is correct.

Make use of this site to help calibrate your screen. http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/contrast.php

You want to be able to to see all colour steps so that non of them blend into each other. Other tests on the site make sure you can see the extreme black and white points. Once that is achieved, then you can use the in game brightness calibration to make sure blacks are not crushed or turned into grey.
Is there a way (and if so, is is allowed) to calibrate brigthness and contrast in PC recordings?
well i do all of the missions, just none of the paper routes or mowing lawns stuff, i do cut a lot of time off by getting myself into trouble on purpose to make me get to some of the classes faster
i didn't go for any of the collectibles which would probably take a really long time nor did i do all 5 levels of each class

sorry about the brightness stuff, next time i do a game for an SD console i will configure the settings to make it look better
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