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I'm guessing it's a computer problem you have, I had problems before with my laptop when playing High quality videos. I suggest trying to close anything else running in the background. That helped me before
Yesterday finally saw the release of the English voice pack for Broken Sword 2.5, so if you're still planning on playing through the game its there.
Cool, thank you for telling me. I have other projects going now, but I'll download it and look at it as soon as possible
Updated the list today on the 18.02.2011 Added some more games :-)
Now when you say The Last Resort is that 9:The Last Resort or some other game called The Last Resort? jw.
If you look closely you woill see that is placed under the Wallace & Gromits Grand Adventures game...
Been ages since I updated this thread, added LA Noir, which is done, and removed Murder on the orient express (the game really sucks)
Thank you so much for adding Batman Arkham City in your list! You played Arkhan Asylum absolutely perfect! If you play Arkhan City like that you will be a Longplay God! :D

PS: PLS announce when you start recording this already awesome game!!!
I will, I'll probably by it on the release day, and play it through a few times before recording, it, but no more than a couple of weeks after release :-)
Alright you've probably answered this a dozen times somewhere but I have to ask since your Fallout 3 longplay was so amazing, what are the chances of you doing a longplay of Fallout: New Vegas and doing everything like companion quests and such?
The thought has crossed my mind to do Fallout New Vegas, and complete all companion quests, I haven't decided yet, but I probably will do a Fallout New Vegas Longplay. :-) (It's a feeling in my bones)
Awesome :thanks

Can I toss in a vote for doing a pro NCR run? It's the only ending that seems to be a truly 'good' ending for everyone.
If you plan on doing the GTA series, I'd like to see a few scenes of you getting wasted and busted. In GTA SA, in the mission Stowaway, after you get on the plane, I'd like to see you jump out of the plane without a parachute. It shows a cutscene of you landing on a car and then you fail the mission and get wasted.
No Batman Arkham City any time soon? :( :( :(
About Scooby-Doo : night of 100 frights. i have it on my list. but if you get too it before i do, then i will remove it. :D
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Added some new games to my list. 05.12.2011
Update 15.12.2011

Tidied up the original post, removed the games I had done, and added a couple new ones.
Think you should add some color to the console names so its easier to see the sections
Metal Gear! uhhggg
Geekmeister try having Windows 98 like me internet is a peace of s*it but I can play games

Good luck on recording and encoding and keep yourself updated.
I eat video games, I sleep video games, I play video games...until I had to work 8 hours.
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