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First of all, I'd like to thank every longplayer out there for taking their time to play games. To people who don't own every console in existence, this is a godsend.

I've made a list of what I'd love to see, I hope you all don't mind. They all mostly date back to pre-PS3 era so I think by now they'd be called retro in the least bit. I decided to break them down via console too. I've check most of them but if some have already been done or are in the process of being done or have been requested so much it became annoying, I'm sorry and please disregard it!!, if it's alright to also ask some players to slow down a bit with text reading? If it's not too much of a hassle, old games with no voice overs tend to get glazed off. I cried a little when I watched the Parasite Eve one. If it's difficult to measure the speed, maybe try reading aloud to yourself!

> Blackwell Series (Wadjeteye)
> Clock Tower (The pixel-y one, the first very fear)
> Agatha Christie series -- DONE
> (any) Sherlock Holmes (type) games (There's a lot of them running over a million years and I must have it all)
> Detective Grimoire -- DONE
> Ultima IX: Ascension
> Quest for Glory series
> Simon the Sorcerer 3/4/5
> Richard & Alice


> Nostalgia
> Time Hollow
> Nameless Game (Nanashi no Game)
> Twilight Syndrome
> LifeSigns
> Elebits: The Adventures of Kai and Zero
> Hotel Dusk 2
> Again
> Flower, Sun, and Rain
> Solatorobo
> Contact
> Trace Memory -- DONE
> Unsolved Crimes
> Lux-Pain
> Radiata Stories
> Okamiden

Dreamcast (Bless who did Shenmue)
> Evolution: World of Sacred Device 1 & 2
> Alone in the Dark
> Illbleed (I hear it's hilarious.)
> LOL: Lack of Love (This is like...a tamagotchi so even like a sample play might be cute.)
> Seaman (Also hilarious, someone play this.)
> Dragon Riders: Chronicles of Pern

> Grandia series (sans 2)
> Legend of Legaia
> Guardian's Crusade
> City of Lost Children -- DONE
> Obscure 1 & 2
> Clock Tower series -- DONE (except CT3)
> Chulip
> Haunting Ground
> Ico
> Alundra 2
> Tail Concerto
> Jade Cocoon 1 & 2
> Xenogears (I won't be surprised if someone said this already.) -- DONE
> Suikoden series (I saw there was the first but like everyone else I'd cry for a beautiful run-through of 1&2 and possibly 5)
> Threads of Fate
> Saga Frontier
> Glass Rose
> Rule of Rose
> Grim Grimoire
> Odin Sphere
> Phantom Brave
> Rhapsody Adventure
> La Pucelle
> Makai Kingdom (I can literally just list down NIS games that aren't Disgaea)
> Disgaea series (I think the first one is available, I don't mind a long play of pure cutscenes with a little gameplay for NIS games, lord knows it's a long process)
> Gungrave
> Shadow Hearts series
> Lifeline
> Gregory Horror Show
> Fahrenheit
> Tokyo Jungle
> SOS: Final Escape
> .hack// series
> Atelier Iris series
> Dual Hearts
> Valkyrie Profile series
> Drakengaard series
> Orphen
> Star Ocean series
> Forbidden Siren
> Eternal Sonata

> The Last Story
> Zack & Wiki
> The Adventures of TinTin
> Another Code: R
> CSI series
> Fragile Dreams


>>>Missing Kingdom Hearts games. Like, seriously why would any game maker split the game into so many consoles. How are we supposed to understand the whole KH universe when it's all chopped up.
>>> Any crime solving game whatsoever, like really, all that CSI thing with fingerprints and pointing fingers at suspects.
>>> Silent Hill. Literally anything that has Silent Hill slapped on it.

I know it's pretty extensive, I hope I'm not asking over my head. I may as well use this as a list of "longplays to watch" when the time comes. Thank you for taking the time to glance at it! I'll add more in the morning!
i would love to do threads of fate but only rue's story cause mint was stupid, so i guess i wont be doing that game since i dont want to do the whole game

also the good kingdom hearts games are done except for dream drop distance, and i have been wanting to do silent hill homecoming and downpour but considering out they are terrible games they might take me a while to get around to them. i might actually do the xbox 360 version of the silent hill hd collection before i get around the homecoming and downpour
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
@Spaz: Take your time with Silent Hill! I was just thinking of the first four tbh and that spin off one for the Wii U or something? I just wanna know what that one is about. People don't recommend the SH HD collection since it was just so buggy and the voice acting made people's ears hurt apparently lmao. I agree the James wasn't given much justice.

And aww, I liked Mint's story more though but it's okay! Thanks for replying!
the first 4 silent hill games are already done, i did 2 and 3 on the hd collection and 4 on xbox and there isn't one for the wii u, but i did do shattered memories on the wii already
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
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