Request: Metal Gear Solid 4

Last updated on 13 years ago
I know that MGS4 is already uploaded, but the fact that some of the cut scenes are missing and that the quality isn't that great is not what I consider a longplay. So, if possible, can the original uploader please upload a complete longplay with maybe HD quality? (>720p).

Even the original uploader (RickyC) agrees that the quality is bad

"My least favourite of the MGS series but still a good game. Not enough gameplay though and not epic music unless its music from previous games. Messed the recording up so quailty isnt that hot, might encode it a second time.

I miss some flashbacks because im normally not looking at the cutscene when they happen."

So, if at all possible, can anyone please do a long play of MGS4 and re-upload? Thanks a bunch!
I had a better version but thats gone now unless hipponios has it somewhere. Was never 720p though, none of the recorders here can recorder 720p+ on consoles. The device needed are too expensive and need a computer and not a laptop in general.

The scenes missing aren't important though, they're just still screens of passed games.

EDIT - actually i might of uploaded it somewhere before my HDD died.
Well if you can find it, please make it availiable for download. Thanks a lot!
I think i've got it. I thought it was 5gb but its around 4.5gb. I'll have to check when its done that its not my old one converted badly. The download is pretty slow so i'll not get it till late tomorrow if my laptops on 24/7.

The main problem with this one was i converted the darker levels at a higher quality than the lighter levels and didn't realise i couldnt join the video parts together because they were encoded differently. So it was in 3 parts which I couldn't join up. All parts should be better quality than the current video but Its been so long i can't remember how better. If its the correct video i'll upload as soon as I can, I have ninja gaiden black to do first since that doesnt have a download link atm.

Still i'd be happy with someone doing a 720p recording of this too or any game.
Yeah, imagine a 10+ hour interactive movie (as I like to call it) in 720p HD, now that would be epic.
i gotta say this sounds really great! i would love see it in a bit better quality or ever any other video game in 720p if it can be done ever :/

Ricky ur a master gamer!! Love ur longplays. i cant beleive u had guts to play FF 8 and 9 for so long hours. i spent a cool week watching them. so damn happy about it!.
Hey Ricky, MGS2 is recorded in HD, or is that because it is also a PC game?
PC games are easy to record in HD, console games are really not without putting a lot of money into it and just impossible with only a laptop.

The new 4.5GB version is up now but its still not much better. I looked at it and the main problem is the program I had to use to convert the file for this video. It made the video have that blurry/pixilated look during movement which ruins it. If i did it again it would be a lot better but I don't have a PS3 anymore.
Thanks a lot, I'll take a look, meanwhile, can you upload maybe a 1 minute video for everyone to see what the quality is like? After all, 4.5gb is not a small file to download.
I haven't got the file on anymore. The video is in 3 parts though and part 3 is around 900mb so you can just try it out with that, uhh not the greatest if you're trying to avoid spoilers i guess though.
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