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Word up,

What is WoLP's official stance on unofficial bug patches for PC games that were left abysmally buggy even with the latest official patch? I'm talking about games that have their official support discontinued by the developers and publishers. I was toying around with the idea of eventually making a longplay of one or more games from the Fallout franchise (PC Windows versions), which, along with almost all Interplay / Black Isle / Bethesda titles, has somewhat of a bad reputaiton of being left for dead with dreadful nigh game breaking bugs while the devs already moved on to work on other titles. I know some of these patches might go more into the mod category as they are often bundled with restored features and content that were cut from the official release of the game due to lack of budget and time, e.g. KillApp's Fallout 2 Restoration Project and the like. Here's a list of what I would like to do:

Fallout 1 with latest official patch and restoration mod
Fallout 2 with latest official patch and restoration mod
Fallout Tactics with latest official patch
Fallout 3 Game of the Year (includes all the DLCs) with latest official patch and unofficial bug patch
Fallout: New Vegas Game of the Year (includes all DLCs) with latest official patch and the *semi-official balance patch from J.E. Sawyer

*Sawyer worked as lead game designer on Fallout: New Vegas at Obsidian Entertainment but after the official patch support was discontinued by Bethesda he still felt some of the weapons and items in the game were left unbalanced so he decided to go civil and make an unofficial patch and release it as a mod in the modding community. Personally, as the man had the final say on what was supposed to be implemented into the game, I hold his word as law regarding to what is "official" content and what is not, even if it's released without the stamp of approval from Bethesda / Obsidian due to legal chanennigans.
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