Alien: Isolation (all modern platforms)

Last updated on 9 years ago

This is a modern, critically acclaimed survival horror FPS game made for Linux, Windows, OS X , PS3, PS4, XBox 360 and XBox One, and the protagonist is the daughter of the very same Ripley from the big screen. All current longplays on YouTube clock around 8-10h so it doesn't seem to be a very long game, but unlike the longplays from our very best, elite longplayers at World of LongPlays, they are all rubbish; some are made from localized versions with non-English audio and text, some skip through important content such readable text (either completely, or going through it way to fast for meidum-to-slow readers) and visual in-game events related to the plot, and for the last but DEFINITELY not the least of the problems: many of them have the subtitles turned off so some of the dialogue is very hard to make anything intelligible out of unless you are a very fluent Englisher, which is not the case on my part. Some would also benefit from either turning up the dialogue volume a bit or lowering the others. There is one or another good thing to say from every separate longplay, but there is none where the experience of watching it wouldn't be greatly hindered by one or more of the drawbacks listed above.Hoping it will be a 1080p60 longplay on a modern PC (Windows or Linux) or current generation console (PS4 or Xbox One), and that all issues I addressed about the current longplay supply of YouTube will be addressed if one is to be made by one of our own. =) Cheers!

1) Turn on English subtitles
2) Use original English audio and text
3) Hoping for 1080p60 on a modern PC or console
4) Adjust volume levels properly so that dialogue can be heard better.
5) Try to read all the texts in the game in a moderate fashion so medium-to-slow readers can keep up to the pace without smashihg the space button constantly. =)

P.S. Being a total Alien fanboy, AngryJoe gives, as always, a very funny and albeit professional review of the game, in case you wanted to see some footage and hear some criticque before deciding on wheter to do or not to do a longplay of it. =)
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