Day of the Tentacle: Remastered (PS4, PS Vita, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)

Last updated on 8 years ago
Word up,

I know you guys are keen on having screenshots and videos and detailed descriptions about the game in the request posts to help clarify what kind of a game it is exactly and to rouse the interests of the non-affiliated ofc, but the reality is that unless you already know about this game and what it's about (or the original release, I should say), the chances are that you are not and will not be interested. So long story short; it's a HD remaster (both in sound and visuals) of the classic 2D point and click adventure game called "Maniac Mansion: The Day of the Tentacle" from LucasArts from ye goode olde MS-DOS days. I'm hoping that the guy here who made the longplay of the original one would have some interested in this one also. Or perhaps some other longplayer with games from the very same genre and/or time period. Tim Schafer being a notable person credited for the original one, is now also working on the remaster at his own company, Double Fine Productions, so I'm assuming this will pretty much follow the tested and true formula of the HD remasters of the two first Monkey Island games. If commentary is included in the game, like it was in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge longplay, I hope it will be in this one also, done in the same way so that it doesn't interfere with game dialogue etc. The game isn't actually out yet, per say, but Steam and GOG both have it already listed for release in March 2016 so it's practically right around the corner. Cheers!
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