Greetings from the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment

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Greetings programs!

We represent the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment!

We're a non-profit videogame museum located in Oakland, California, and we're dedicated to preserving the history of videogames as well as inspiring the next generation of videogame developers. We do this through playable exhibits of significant works on original hardware, and through free programming and game-arts skills classes for kids and adults.

As we've been completely focused on playable exhibits for our 5 year history, we've neglected the need for visual reels of gameplay in our space. We recently rectified this with some Compute Sticks donated by Intel, some old HDMI monitors, and a big stash of torrented videogame advertisements. Currently, these run on a continuous loop in the space on a single screen.

We're hoping to expand this type of thing, with generation-based video reels. Scouring YouTube, we discovered your site and found that your group offers exactly what we need: videos of gameplay without people talking over top of them. This is extremely important preservation work, likely more important, long run, than the work we're doing!

We've come here to ask for your help. We want to run some of your videos on a continuous stream in our museum. What we need from y'all is permission, and hopefully, some sort of way we can acknowledge your work in our space. We're trying not to edit videos, so we'd rather not have a watermark, but we're willing to put a link to your site on ours, and to do something in the space to acknowledge your work, such as a list of names somewhere prominent. To be clear, we're fine with leaving the existing titles you have on these videos on YouTube, we'd just like to do a little more for you.

If you have any questions, we'll hopefully be prompt in responding here, but feel free to reach out at [email protected]

Thank you all, and please keep up the good work!
Hi Alex - thanks for your nice words.
I will send you an email with a few infos soon :)
@TheMADE , what a great site you have there :)
It's kind of funny. A few days ago when I went on here to post my first longplay, I was told that this site was supposed to be a museum of sorts, showcasing games in their original and purest forms. It's only fitting they'll go in to an actual museum.
I'm perfectly content being known as the guy who longplayed Sneakers.
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