PSX Recording with BIOS

Last updated on 6 years ago
you need to crop it to where the black bars dont show up, doesnt matter what resolution it makes it after that
If I can't be the best then I certainly won't be the worst.
i think (80,40,-80,-24) is the right then the video has a res of 640x512 and Matty means PAL in 512p
is this right:
Black bars dont show up
It looks ok, but there is a black line at the bottom of the fifa logo, so I would just double check you have not chopped a line off the top.
thats Uefa, pls matty
it's all the same ! ;)
but now is a 2px line at the top
Well change 1 pixel instead of 2? like 80,39,80,25
YUV image can be only cropped by Mod 2 (top) shows me Megui
ah i must record the AVI in YUY2 right or not?
Bizhawk / Lagarith should always render the avi in rgb. The avs script will do the conversion to yuv, but that function should be the last command that is run at the bottom of the avs file.
@MadMatty did you think that i can this be added to
It looks ok. You seem to have solved the cropping issue from before. I hope you have learned something from all the messing about getting this video right as it is all relevant no matter which system you record.

On youtube in your TAG settings, you can add yt:stretch=16:9 it will aspect correct the gameplay part at the expense of stretching the fmv sections, the lesser of two evils. Viewers are more forgiving of stretched wide rather than extra tall video I think.

In case the question comes up where we don't aspect correct the source for archive, it is because it is important to preserve the Sharpness of the hardware aspect resolution. The viewer is then free to aspect to what ever suits them best while preserving the original resolution.
okay and i do only Nintendo and Sony Longplays so SEGA and other? Nope!
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