Gran Turismo PSX

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I want a longplay of Gran Turismo, not just Arcade Mode but Simulation Mode as well.

What would you show in such a longplay?

In normal play you would be playing the same tracks/racers over and over again until you could afford the car and upgrades you want, then race those same tracks over and over until new tracks unlock. Then there is the hundreds of cars, which to show.

Difficult to structure this mode into something that is easy to watch and show all the mode has to offer. I wouldn't want to make a 40-100 odd hour video unlocking everything and upgrading every car ;)
well, rygnot4 did a gran turismo walkthrough. I can make it in to a longplay.
You are welcome to have a go at a Simulation Mode longplay (as we have Arcade twice already).

Just be sure you are familiar with our emu/recording requirements before starting.
Okay. How do I go with the simulation mode.
@MadMatty you are a Longplayer you can do this, you are the master of PSX longplays xD
I did plan to do record it when I did the arcade mode longplay. But I couldnt see a way to make it watchable or make much sense since there is a lot to show and it is open ended.

I would probably start out with all licence tests with gold times to unlock all cars. Then start out in a Honda civic racing the early tracks until I can afford a GTO upgrading both as much as I can racing all races that are open until end credits are shown. Then there is another 100 odd cars to somehow show and upgrade! ;) I would probably concentrate on the cars that can have a full body kit replacement as there are only a handful of those.

Also, the two Arcade longplays are EU and JP region, so Maybe US for Simulation mode would be welcome to also show different soundtracks. I turned music volume up in EU version and it was almost non existent in JP version.
Okay. You can do that.
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