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I just saw you had posted Max Payne on youtube so I thought I'd post a few requests for Pc games :hammer:

Max Payne 2 (I only ever had a bad crack version myself, so i never could finish it... :s)
Phantasmagoria (& other games like it)
Discworld 1 & 2(done :-D) & Discworld Noir(if possible, I haven't been able to download a copy myself, not that works anyway)
Alone in the dark (all but the newest. It kind of SUCKS!)
Kings Quest VII +VIII
The Dagger of Amon Ra (A sequel to The Colonels bequest)

I'm sure I'll think up more games later... Maybe I should learn to record myself :-P
Does it matter the difficulty in Max Payne 2? Well I guess so depending on what ending you want :P

Any one want to do any of the Heroes of Might and Magic games? Although more specifically just I, II and III
Longplays in the making:
Streets of Simcity
Max Payne on hard would have been cool, but other than that it depends on how well you are able to play and if you want it to be hard or not really. I'll leave that to your discretion :-D
For me,
Day of The Tentacle, DOS
Pajama Sam, Windows
Spy Fox, Windows
Fatty Bear, DOS
Putt-Putt, DOS
For me i would like too see a longplay of:

Take No Prisoners. I was very far with this game, but never finished it.


xfighter1138 wrote:
For me,
Day of The Tentacle, DOS
Pajama Sam, Windows
Spy Fox, Windows
Fatty Bear, DOS
Putt-Putt, DOS

Day of the Tentacle has been done now :-D Just wait for it, it will appear on the site soon I'm sure. Or as soon as Hipoonios has the time to upload it anyway. Cheers!
Would there (pleeeeeease) be a possibility of a Deus Ex upload? Thanks
Personally, I would like to see FInal Fantasy XII with the English voices (Japanese don't quite do it for me with Final Fantasy games (they sound even more whiny than in the English version))
I was never able to complete Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, so that is my request. Long live Gabriel Knight!
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I would love to see the Matrix games and any Lord of the Ring games...
[color=009900]Lord Varilion[/color]
I would like to see:
Crusader: No Remorse
Crusader: No Regret
I would apriciate if someone could do a long play of the side scrolling adventure game (atlantis the lost tales) and also one on the sequel its kinda rare game but i hope someone have it and could review it
This is by request of my brother if anyone can make a longplay of Clive Barker's Undying...
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Play SBCG4AP Season One
"Strong Bad" is NOT retro! (2007)
Can you please get Bone Out from Boneville the game please
Also not retro.
i'd like to see all the devil may cry games, resident evil 3 4 and code veronica, darkwatch and shadow hearts
How about longplays of:

The 7th Guest
11th Hour (perhaps at the end all 3 endings attached to eachother.)

I've finished those 2 games, but it's just cool to see them as longplay :)
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