Goemon's Great Adventure (2P) (N64)

Last updated on 5 years ago
Played by: TheVandal172 & F4BI4N4

Goemon and all his friends are back in his greatest adventure yet! Goemon's Great Adventure combines classic Goemon, Ebisumaru, Sasuke and Yae platform action with an all-new twist. The evil time-traveling nun, Bismaru, has summoned Dochuki, a demon prince, to take over the Earth. But first, she wants to marry him! Can Goemon and his gang stop the demon? Can Dochuki escape the cloying clutches of the wacked-out nun? Will Ebisu ever beat his own dumpling eating record? It's an adventure you'll never forget!

Player 1 as Frederikct112
Player 2 as Sebbe12

1. Edo
Home of Wiseman
Lost'n Road (1P Goemon & 2P Ebisumaru) (Entry Passes 01)
Lost'n Town
Lost'n Town, Mania (1P Goemon & 2P Sasuke) (Entry Passes 02)
Digadig Gold Mine (1P Goemon & 2P Sasuke) (Entry Passes 03)
Lost'n Town, Stone (1P Goemon & 2P Sasuke) (Entry Passes 04)
Ringbell Pass (1P Goemon & 2P Sasuke) (1P Goemon & 2P Sasuke) (Entry Passes 05)
Lost'n Town, Iguana Man (1P Goemon & 2P Sasuke) (Entry Passes 06)
Edo Checkpoint
Edo Castle (1P Goemon & 2P Sasuke)

2. Ryugu
Kappa Road (1P Goemon & 2P Sasuke) (Entry Passes 07)
Frog Mountain (1P Goemon & 2P Sasuke) (Entry Passes 08)
Otohime Town
Kappa Road (1P Sasuke & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 09 & 10)
Naruto Road (1P Sasuke & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 11 & 12)
Frog Mountain (1P Ebisumaru & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 13)
Otohime Town, Frog Mountain (Ebisumaru vs Obisumaru) (Entry Passes 14)
Ryugu Checkpoint
Ryugu Castle (1P Sasuke & 2P Yae)

3. Mafu Island
Kokeshi Road (1P Goemon & 2P Ebisumaru) (Entry Passes 15)
Maneater Road (1P Ebisumaru & 2P Sasuke) (Entry Passes 16 & 17)
Pochan Lake (1P Yae & 2P Sasuke) (Entry Passes 18)
Tomb Pass (1P Goemon & 2P Ebisumaru) (Entry Passes 19 & 20)
Spook Village (1P Sasuke & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 21, 22, 23 & 24)
Mafu Checkpoint
Majin Castle (1P Ebisumaru & 2P Sasuke)

4. Underworld
Kaiware Road (1P Yae & 2P Goemon) (Entry Passes 25)
Mokeke Forest (1P Yae & 2P Goemon) (Entry Passes 26)
Wonder Valley (1P Yae & 2P Ebisumaru) (Entry Passes 27 & 28)
Tree Stump Village (1P Yae & 2P Goemon) (Entry Passes 29, 30, 31)
Underworld Checkpoint
Underworld Castle (1P Yae & 2P Goemon)

5. Floaiting Castle
Cloud Forest (1P Goemon & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 32 & 33)
Sky Garden (1P Sasuke & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 34)
Wind Castle Wall (1P Goemon & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 35)
Floaiting World Town (500 Coins) (1P Goemon & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 36)
Floaiting World Town (Ebisumaru vs Obisumaru) (Entry Passes 37)
Floaiting World Town (Tomozo) (1P Sasuke & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 38)
Floaiting World Town (Scrafman) (1P Goemon & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 39) (Full 99 Lives) (Full 999 Ryo)
Floaiting Checkpoint
Dream Castle (1P Goemon/Sasuke & 2P Yae)
Final Boss (1P Goemon & 2P Yae)

6. Creep Village
Home of Wiseman
Mokeke Forest (1P Goemon/Sasuke & 2P Yae)
Creep Village (1P Goemon & 2P Yae)
Kaiware Road (1P Goemon & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 40)
Floaiting World Town (Scrafman) (1P Goemon & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 41)
Creep Village (1P Goemon & 2P Yae) (Entry Passes 42, 43, 44)
Cloths of Characters (999 Ryo)

Got all 99 lives and 44 entry passes in 12 hours.
Goemon's Great Adventure for Nintendo 64 on 2 Players

Tsunao & Genbu
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