Dynamite Duke

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Mega Drive / Genesis
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Publication Date: 14/10/2017
YouTube Release: 23/03/2021
Duration: 00:15:35
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Player's Review

Genesis conversion of the Dynamite Duke Arcade game released in 1990 after the Master System version.

The game has more levels than the master system conversion but the levels are also notably shorter in this version. The controls are just as bad making it annoying having to duck to move quickly out of enemy fire which also moves your cross-hair at the same time causing you to have to re-aim and when there is a lot going on onscreen, it becomes a problem. The final boss is just as annoying with its three stages. It is a good idea to have some Dynamite spare at this point as the enemy flame thrower has an annoying tendency to track you making it near impossible to avoid. (Not helped by suspect collision detection)

The longplay is played on Hard mode, but there is one more difficulty level called Super. The game is too chaotic in this mode and you would need to use the 'Super Options' cheat menu to get through it. The ending is exactly the same so I didn't bother showing this part of the game.