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Publication Date: 23/12/2017
YouTube Release: 05/03/2022
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Player's Review

Socket, known in Japan as Time Dominator 1st, is an action-platformer developed and published by Vic Tokai for the Mega Drive in 1993.

Oh, look, it's that cool blue mascot with attitude, the super fast time-travelling hero who fights a high-tech villain and can run up the hills and walls like a blur, it's Son... I mean, Socket the Duck! Original character, do not steal!

They did not even copy the Sonic physics that well... But there are also some good things to say here. I like how the bolts you collect in the levels are not just for extra lives, but they serve as your actual hit-points as well. And these hit-points decrease not only from taking damage, but over time as well, and the rate at which they decrease depends on how much you move. This seems like an improvement compared to Sonic's rings to me, because in Sonic games you are pretty much invincible as long as you have even just one ring.