Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally (Fan Translation)

Released exclusively on the Famicom Disk System in Japan. Developed and published by Nintendo in 1988.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Famicom Disk System
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Additional Info: Fan Translation
Publication Date: 11/06/2022
YouTube Release: 19/12/2023
Duration: 01:51:40
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Player's Review

Like the previous game this is another Tournament / leader board game where players can submit there scores with different vehicle track combinations. The top 100 players would receive prizes. The game supports the Famicom3D glasses which I used in a previous longplay recording. This longplay is in standard 2D and is a full playthrough unlocking the ending credits now that I know how that is achieved. an English fan translation patch is used to make the video more accessible and easier for me to navigate the menus.

The game plays similarly to Rad Racer but not nearly as fast. Even though the game is being played in 2D, the bottom display is being displayed every other frame causing it to have a flickering effect. The is certainly a more complete game than the the previous with an ending unlocked by completing all three events with all three cars.

Each of the three tracks have forks in the road that split off to a different terrain type. ideally you would choose the fork which best matches the chrematistics of your car to make best use of the time. I have tried to show each fork amongst multiple runs but there are too many to show all. Within each race Hot flags can be collected and once you have ten of them, then a Hot Turbo mode can be activated to give a significant speed boost with high grip for fifteen seconds which can make a huge difference. Each road section has a time limit and if you cross the line with time to spare, then that time wil be added to your time bank. If you take to long then you spend the time in your bank until you cross into the next section. If the time bank empties then it is game over.

You can also take damage. At the start of a race you place a repair centre which will auto fix you up as you cross the marker. If you take 100% damage then it is game over but during the race you can also pull over and repair the car costing time while this is happening. Overall, it's not a bad racing game with fair time limits but it's not without it's annoyances like collision detection that can claim you crashed even though there was a huge gap between you and the obstacle such as a car or bush. Like the previous game the controls are quite sensitive. You just need to lightly tap the buttons as if you hold them the car will just fly across the screen.

00:00:00 Title screen.
00:02:40 Course 1 - Kattobi
00:15:10 Course 2 - Yonque
00:26:25 Course 3 - Monster
00:37:50 Course 2 - Kattobi
00:48:25 Course 1 - Yonque
01:01:15 Course 2 - Monster
01:12:45 Course 3 - Kattobi
01:24:21 Course 1 - Monster
01:37:25 Course 3 - Yonque
01:48:35 Ending