Green Beret

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Famicom Disk System
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Publication Date: 05/01/2013
YouTube Release: 16/12/2023
Duration: 00:36:22
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Player's Review

Japanese version of Rush'n Attack, which was released exclusively on the Famicom Disk System. Aside from the addition of loading screens, the removal of attract mode and a slightly different text script that lacks of any punctuations, this version lets you equip more than three rockets/bombs at the cost of only getting one refill per pickup, also that some of the levels contain secret underground passages that are revealed by destroying land mines.

Two loops played: the first was played like how it's done in the American version and in the second I show off the underground passages. One thing to note is that in this version, the credits roll only appear upon completion of the first loop, the later ones just go directly to the first level after the scene where the player(s) escape from the enemy's base.

00:00 - Start
01:06 - Intro screen
01:33 - Stage 1
03:18 - Stage 2
05:26 - Stage 3
08:11 - Stage 4
10:51 - Stage 5
13:22 - Stage 6
16:43 - Ending and Credits
18:45 - Second loop