Hao-Kun no Fushigi na Tabi

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Player's Review

Hao-kun no Fushigi na Tabi, literally "Hao's Mysterious Journey", is a platform game developed by Carry Lab and published in Japan by Square's Disk Original Group on May 1, 1987 and in North America by Taxan in April 1989.

When the game was ported from the FDS to the NES, a number of things were removed or changed, largely due to the drastic decrease in storage capacity (64KB ROM versus 128KB rewritable disk).

The Japanese title screen features the game's logo in front of a rather nice landscape, with the game's poorly-translated English title (it should be "Hao's Mysterious Journey" ) and copyright info scrolling below it. The US version is very bland by comparison, featuring only the game's title made of a single tile and the usual copyright info.

The Japanese version had the ability to save your progress in one of three slots, thanks to the rewritable FDS disk format. This was replaced with a continue option on the title screen in the US version, as the cart did not use battery-backed SRAM. (In the above screenshot, TRY is the quest the file is currently on, and SYMBOL shows the symbols you've collected).

The sound effects were changed in the US version, largely because many of them utilized the extra sound channel present in the FDS hardware.

There are fewer music tracks in the US version, and the tracks that were carried over from the Japanese version were greatly simplified. This is likely due to the limited ROM space.

Hao starts with no items in the Japanese version. The US version starts him with the Roll of Magic (originally found near the beginning of the game) and the Faster Boots (originally found in the third castle), which let him attack and move faster, respectively.

In the Japanese version, the first world has blimps in the background with "DOG" (the Japanese publisher) on them. These were removed from the US version, though the graphic still remains in the ROM.

In the Japanese version, pressing Select while the game is paused allows you to see which items you have. This does not work in the US version.

Regional differences taken from the tcrf.net under the creative commons license.