Super Mario Bros. 2

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Publication Date: 18/11/2010
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Player's Review

World 1: 00:20
World 2: 07:19
World 3: 14:34
World 4: 22:03
World 5: 31:52
World 6: 39:36
World 7: 47:32
World 8: 54:47
World 9: 65:47
World A: 70:36

Super Mario Bros. 2 was developed and published by Nintendo for the Family Computer Disk System in 1986. It is the direct sequel to Super Mario Bros. Due to the games high difficulty Nintendo chose not to release it in the United States and Europe. Instead, Nintendo released a modified version of the FDS game Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic as Super Mario Bros. 2 on the international markets.

A full remake of SMB 2 (FDS), Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, was included in Super Mario All-Stars (SNES).

Some tips for SMB 2 (FDS):

World 9: Complete the first eight worlds. Dont use warp zones! The use of any warp zones (even the ones that send you to a previous world) will lock out World 9.

World A, B, C, and D: You have to win the game eight times to get access (8 Stars on title screen / the FDS saves progress automaticly). If you manage to beat the regular game eight times, hold down the A button and press START on title screen. That will open the Worlds A-D.

Longplay includes:

- longest route
- no warp zones
- almost all of the hidden blocks, 1 ups, stars, mushrooms ...
- all the hidden areas
- World 9 and World A-D (8 times, baby ! 8 times ! Grin)

I am not the perfect mario player. All starts a little slow, but after World 1-2, we go better and better. First I didnt want to record a Longplay of it, but then I was caught again by mario fever. =)

I hope you enjoy it! Have fun!