Phantasy Star Online (Ver. 1)

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Author(s): RickyCRickyC
System: Dreamcast
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Publication Date: 16/08/2018
YouTube Release: 04/12/2023
Duration: 11:09:42
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Player's Review

I wanted to go back to the original version 1 to see how PSO had progressed compared to PSOBB. It still holds up reasonably well, there is at least one character model that was quite a bit different in this version. The hardest thing to get used to was there was no quick select for weapons, this was introduced in version 2 and made things so much easier. Due to that I rarely changed weapons at the start as it didn't seem worth it.

This run is through the solo missions and going through the main story on normal. The Mome mission was impossible for me the first time as he just instantly died, but after getting Resta level 3 it was quite easy so I've just edited in that boss battle after my first attempt of the level and therefore my level is higher.