Softball Tengoku (Fan Translation)

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Author(s): Charlie9631Charlie9631
System: Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer
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Additional Info: Fan Translation
Publication Date: 27/05/2020
YouTube Release: 25/01/2024
Duration: 01:24:37
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Player's Review

This is the Famicom version of Dusty Diamond's Allstar Softball. In this version, it has animals and other kun-creatures instead of human. There were changes in characters, but not all of them were changed. Plus, the character names were changed in the US for some reasons.

Also, you can play BOTH fastball AND slowball in this one, instead of picking 1 like in the US version, and the home run animation has everyone lining up and a "spectator" come to give flowers to the batter that gets the home run. Other than that, the gameplay isn't any different, and it's also quite the same as RBI baseball and Famista series.