The King of Rally

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System: Super Nintendo / Super Famicom
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Publication Date: 19/11/2017
YouTube Release: 07/05/2021
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Player's Review

The fictional story is as follows:
In the year 1907, a brave group of drivers decide to travel from Paris to Moscow and eventually to Beijing (then known as Peking) by using automobile routes. This expedition was publicized in the French newspaper Le Matin and became a race where the object was to travel across the Old World as fast as he can go. After 85 years of competition, people are still interested in running this rally race. As of 1992, Japan maintains an office where serious competitors register to compete in the Paris-Moscow-Beijing rally every year.

The King of Rally (Japanese title literally translates as King of the Paris - Moscow - Beijing Rally) is a rally-type Super Famicom racing video game, set in a rally raid similar to that of the Paris-Dakar Rally. It was developed by Kaze and published by Meldac in 1992.

This scenario depicts an international race where the player has to drive an off-roader across a rally course in order to obtain the best time. The player can choose from four drivers at the start of their playthrough, as well as customize engine, steering and tires for their car before every stage.