Mario is Missing

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Author(s): xRavenXPxRavenXP
System: Super Nintendo / Super Famicom
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Publication Date: 05/09/2019
YouTube Release: 27/05/2023
Duration: 01:39:25
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Player's Review

This is the longplay of the game Mario is Missing, an electronic educational game developed by The Software Toolworks for DOS, Macintosh, NES and SNES. While the desktop versions have an emphasis on point-and-click, the NES and SNES versions are more platform-style! It was also the first game in which Luigi became the protagonist.

The story begins with Bowser trying to take over the Earth, actually destroying the Earth by melting the glaciers with hair dryers (!). Mario, Luigi and Yoshi will try to end it all, but Mario is captured and it is up to Luigi to bring peace back to our world. And Luigi does this by retrieving lost artifacts in various cities around the globe, which are terrified by Koopa Troopas.

They are a total of 15 stages, divided into 3 areas with 5 doors each. When completing the 5 doors, the player must defeat an enemy, jumping in it (the enemy is only pacing from side to side, does not attack).

Through the streets, there are several Koopas scattered. The player must defeat them, as some hide relics related to the country where Luigi is. These relics must be returned in their respective barracks.

In these tents, the player must answer questions about a certain country, historical patrimony, and other things related to Geography. If you answer the questions, you can go into the tent and take a photo. If you're wrong, you should look for another booth.

It is a completely simple and mediocre game, where you never die and you have almost no action! Luigi deserved a better game than that.

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