Ridge Racer DS

Ridge Racer DS Conversion by Nintendo Software Technology Corporation and published by Namco in 2004.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: DS
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Publication Date: 26/06/2022
YouTube Release: 06/12/2023
Duration: 04:22:03
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Player's Review

"Ridge Racer speeds onto Nintendo DS with all the fast-paced action of the original arcade legend. With the unprecedented control of Touch Screen steering and wireless multiplayer capability, the rubber burning races are more intense than ever."

A conversion of RR64 with a new menu layout with control and progression differences. Lack of filtering and a smaller resolution does make it a little less detailed and smooth than the N64 game but it looks good and moves well at 30fps.

The game has multiple control options including thumb strap control .... "Using the wrist strap that came with the original Nintendo DS models which has a thumb pad attached, the neutral point is placed depending on where you place the thumb strap. Letting go of the screen allows to re-adjust the neutral point of the touch control steering." yeah .. I don't think so and I cant see how you will be able to play with this method at the faster speeds. Even touchscreen I wouldn't consider responsive enough. I used Analogue control on the N64 for fine grain control but I am having to use the standard dpad for the DS game. The control is super responsive requiring very light touches especially at the faster speeds. There is a lot of wall banging pinball like action in this video.

For the most part, the game is well balanced, much better than the N64 game I feel. But once you get to the expert speed levels, the controls become very twitchy and the ai cars put up much more of a fight. Course 2 especially seems to be the toughest even with the fastest car, the opponents are not far behind at any point. Expert, especially at ClassZ is so fast it becomes a real challenge to judge the corners. Dare to blink and you will crash. You will see I spend most of the time in bumper view as I find it much easier to control this way. I do the final lap in chase view so you can see the car but I find it difficult to judge the corners as you need to start turning the car before the camera goes round the corners, Also the collision detection with the walls is highly suspect.

In the longplay I play through the initial Gran Prix mode and also take on the Car battles between each gp unlocking every car as I go. There is no real strategy as to my car choice but I try to show them all at least once. The car attributes may not be a good fit for the the track but will get the job done even though I don't have time to actually get used to the car so there will be some pinball action. I had trouble with the last car battle races so I had to make different car choices than I wanted to.

After 3 endings are shown, the second part of the game unlocks (ZClass) where I have to race every course again at the faster speed for Platinum trophies. Completing this mode will unlock all remaining cars. I used the DS car to get through this mode as quick as I can. It's a little annoying that the cars didn't unlock gradually meaning I have to extend the video time in order to show these final cars off.

Overall this is a good Ridge Racer game which to me seems to fast for its own good. I'm playing on an emu but playing on the original ds with it's tiny slow refresh screen... It only adds to the challenge or maybe I'm just getting old!. The PSP game is much more balanced as a handheld game.

00:00:00 Novice GP
00:13:10 Novice Car Battle
00:23:55 Intermediate GP
00:38:00 Intermediate Car Battle
00:51:25 Expert GP
01:06:07 Ending 1
01:09:10 Expert Car Battle
01:23:50 Novice GP Extra
01:35:05 Novice Car Battle Extra
01:45:40 Intermediate GP Extra
01:57:50 Intermediate Car Battle Extra
02:09:35 Expert GP Extra
02:22:38 Ending 2
02:25:10 Expert Car Battle Extra
02:38:10 Extreme GP
02:42:42 Extreme Car Battle
02:46:50 Extreme GP Extra
02:51:02 Ending 3
02:53:45 Extreme Extra Car Battle
02:57:30 Class Z All Races
04:02:04 Ending 4 (100% Car Unlock)
04:04:40 Extra Races showing remaining cars