Nanashi no Game (Fan Translation)

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: DS
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Additional Info: Fan Translation
Publication Date: 15/10/2022
YouTube Release: 08/12/2023
Duration: 04:50:09
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Player's Review

The plot is about a college student (who can be a guy or a girl by choosing the gender at the start of the game) who has seven days to discover the truth behind a cursed game that has killed the people who played it or even received the game on their TSes (a parody of the DS handheld) without playing it.

The game involves two separate modes of play. Most of the game takes place in the real world, where the player navigates real-time 3D environments using the DS's D-Pad and Touch Screen. While exploring, the player must solve puzzles and reach locations. The player can switch to the TS Menu at any time, where they can play the cursed game, read e-mail messages, and load a previous save file. In many cases, an e-mail message or update to the cursed game will interrupt the player's exploration. In the cursed game, which only uses the top DS screen, the player controls a 2D 8-bit RPG that provides clues to the current situations and can, in some cases, advance the story.

Funny fact: this game was also the inspiration for three particular games on Wii that belong to the same genre and share most aspects of the 3D-part gameplay. Specifically, Ju-On: The Grudge, Ikenie no Yoru (another Japan-only horror game) and Calling.

The game is presented in both portrait and landscape modes depending on the situation, so to fit both positions I had to add black borders to the whole video (so it looks like it's inside a squared space), and rotated the landscape scenes, this in order to make it more comfortable to the viewer.

This longplay includes two playthroughs; one was done with the male character and the other with the girl, and before anyone asks, the guy's playthrough took a bit longer since I mostly focused on exploration when I recorded it. Both were done with the good ending included, which means all secret items required for it were gotten. The gender choice also affects the dialogue sequences, noticeably in Chapters from 1 to 3. Attached at the end of the video are the bad ending (if missed at least one of the secret items) and a short game over scene.

I also want to leave some important notes. Sometimes the zombie-like ghosts (named Regrets in this game) appear like they are glitched or something, this is also replicable on real hardware, and some might be caused by the translation patch. And regarding the cursed game: the 'glitches' there ARE NOT ACTUALLY GLITCHES AT ALL. The developers made it to look like that on purpose.

0:00:00 - Start
0:00:46 - Prologue

0:01:34 - Day 1 (Male)
0:22:48 - Day 2 (Male)
0:31:55 - Day 3 (Male)
1:05:13 - Day 4 (Male)
1:25:49 - Day 5 (Male)
1:40:52 - Day 6 (Male)
2:14:17 - Final Day (Male)
2:35:49 - Ending A & Credits

2:41:59 - Blind Terror mode (Female)
4:46:08 - Ending B (if you fail to collect all treasures)
4:49:54 - Game Over scene