Castle of Shikigami III

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Wii
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Publication Date: 30/12/2019
YouTube Release: 14/04/2021
Duration: 00:39:10
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Player's Review

Shmup by Alfa System.

Something about nightmares and a ghost girl and some nightmares and..and...iunno. SHMUP! NO PLOT!

Gameplay involves shooting the things. You have a shot button and a bomb button. Holding Shot uses Shikigami attack. Pressing Shot and Bomb unleashes High Tension MAX, which gives powered-up attack and max score multiplier. Speaking of: scoring involves point-blanking enemies and/or using grazing for High Tension to get max multiplier to collect lots o' coins.

This longplay goes through Kohtaru's story on Normal difficulty while trying to score.