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Publication Date: 16/11/2022
YouTube Release: 10/01/2024
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Player's Review

A survival horror game from the defunct (or better said absorbed) Hudson Soft, which was originally planned to be localized for Europe only but was also released in the US featuring some differences compared to the other regional variants, such as some easter eggs that were removed from the US version and most notably the ability to skip chapters from the first quest. The JP and EU versions do NOT feature the latter, forcing you to play the aforementioned chapters again in your second quest.

The plot is about a young, beautiful girl named Rin Kagura (real main protagonist in the game) who, along with her partners Shin, Makoto (playable in 2nd quest only) and Chiyo, has to discover the truth behind a strange universe named 'The Mnemonic Abyss' where the only way to transport between places is by dialing certain numbers on the phone. This whole story is told in two quests, where one of them contains a fake ending and the second a real one.

If you take a look at the gameplay mechanics much closer, it has a lot of similarities to the Fatal Frame series, especially when it comes to fighting against ghosts (though you cannot 'kill' them here, just make them vanish, not to mention the game does not offer any weapon usage unlike in Fatal Frame where the so-called 'Camera Obscura' is used to attack a ghost). Same applies to the interaction with any object, sometimes you need to turn your flashlight off in order to collect a collectible or the opposite to read and/or examine things.

This longplay includes both playthroughs in one video, using the original Japanese voiceovers since the game lets you select them instead of the English dub. I try to explore as much of the place as possible so I might show interesting stuff such as hidden passwords and written messages on the way through, though the developers didn't care to translate them for the localized versions. During the 2nd quest playthrough, I also show every place where the 'Woman in Red' appears, successfully completing that sub-quest triggers a red envelope at the title screen which is counted as her final appearance. At the end I show bonus images and 3D models of each character in the gallery.

0:00:00 - Start
0:01:45 - Prologue

0:05:01 - Chapter 1: The Possession
0:18:36 - Chapter 2: The Awakening
1:18:56 - Chapter 3: The Wandering
1:54:16 - Chapter 4: The Return
2:11:16 - Chapter 5: The Lamentation
2:57:18 - Ending 1

SECOND QUEST (the asterisk label means it's a revisit)
3:03:19 - Chapter 1: The Mnemonic Abyss
3:41:55 - Chapter 2: The Awakening*
4:24:32 - Chapter 3: The Possession*
4:32:03 - Chapter 4: The Remnants
5:04:05 - Chapter 5: The Wandering*
5:27:50 - Chapter 6: The Return*
5:41:26 - Chapter 7: The Connection
6:09:06 - Chapter 8: The Lamentation*
6:43:15 - Chapter 9: The Curse
6:59:32 - Chapter 10: The Bond
7:08:31 - Ending 2

7:14:31 - Bonus stuff in the Gallery