Disaster: Day of Crisis

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Publication Date: 01/08/2023
YouTube Release: 09/01/2024
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Player's Review

Developed by Monolith Soft, the same people behind the Xenosaga series, and because its development occurred after it was acquired by Nintendo, they published it as a Wii exclusive title. Plus that the US version was cancelled because the then-president of NOA thought it wasn't going to perform well in the market due to its (laughable according to him) voice acting, a completely absurd decision to be honest. It's pretty unfortunate that the 'Operation Rainfall' movement didn't take it into consideration back on its day and decided to just concentrate on the RPG stuff (one of them ended up unpolished and with game-breaking bugs, but that's another story for later).

The story is about two members named Ray and Steve who are part of an international rescue team, the latter tragically dies during a volcanic eruption somewhere in South America (it's shown in the prologue anyway so no need to worry about spoilers in that case) but Ray gets to keep some sort of a pocket watch which has to be delivered to the other guy's sister. When Ray returns 'home' he finds out the girl was kidnapped by a terrorist organization named SURGE (STORM in the Japanese version). His mission is to rescue her from the terrorist group but on his way through he has to survive through a series of natural disasters. The developers did a great job at making them look a bit realistic, especially when compared to the PS2-exclusive titles Disaster Report and Raw Danger.

Regarding the gameplay itself, it's pretty much like the aforementioned PS2 titles but with action scenes included into it, like the shootouts and driving scenes. You also get to rescue people inside levels, a few of them being needed to advance through the story and the rest being optional, but since this is a longplay I rescued them all in the first playthrough. Also that the weapon system is very similar to the one in games such as The 3rd Birthday, where not only you can carry up to four weapons of different categories before starting a mission, but also you get the ability to upgrade your existing weapons and acquire new ones after meeting certain conditions, though without the ability to throw grenades (which is a pity because in the other game you can hide behind a barrack and throw them when things get complicated).

After completing a mission, you get some rank that goes from E (Disaster) to S (Hero), a list of titles aka achievements and some bonus points (you get even more extra points during NG+ which is the Staminas Campaign). Also an additional weapon or costume as a reward in certain situations.

This longplay covers the main playthrough done on Normal difficulty, which is the recommended choice if you want to start from scratch without any upgraded weapons. All 45 rescues are included in the run, as well as showing off all shooting range stages that are unlocked by finding Eric who gives you a ticket. After completion I show the NG+ mode that enables the Staminas Campaign quest. In that one, instead of doing the rescue quest again, I focus on showing off the locations of all Staminas signs and collecting them, by the way this second run was done on Hard. There is a third difficulty mode named Real Disaster which just makes things insanely harder (or frustrating if you want to call like that). In the extras section I include the unlockable Space minigame with both 'endings', the Title list along with their descriptions and the artwork.

00:00:00 - Start
00:05:40 - Prologue: One hell of a day
00:19:30 - S01: Big Earthquake
00:42:50 - S02: Collapsing Road
01:14:44 - Junk Shooting Range
01:16:33 - S03: Darkness and Fire
01:39:50 - Beginner Shooting Range
01:41:51 - S04: Firestorm
01:52:09 - S05: Duel on the Bridge
02:04:26 - S06: Tsunami Attack
02:21:23 - S07: Death from Above
02:29:49 - Bow Gun Shooting Range
02:31:20 - S08: Submerged Streets
02:44:41 - S09: To the Base
03:00:53 - S10: Mt. Rosalia Eruption
03:37:10 - Rocket Launcher Shooting Range
03:38:52 - S11: Volcanic Chase
03:44:36 - S12: Ash and a Girl
04:03:33 - Intermediate Shooting Range
04:05:31 - S13: The Ashen Forest
04:18:43 - S14: Path of the Lava
04:32:19 - S15: Lahar
04:36:57 - S16: Sky Diving
04:47:01 - S17: Heavy Rain and Floods
05:00:24 - Pulse Gun Shooting Range
05:01:43 - S18: Mud and Mercenaries
05:26:28 - S19: Rain Returns
05:46:12 - Gatling Gun Shooting Range
05:48:03 - S20: Hurricane Chase
06:04:23 - S21: Windstorm Battle
06:26:33 - S22: Final Battle
06:46:14 - Advanced Shooting Range
06:48:17 - S23: Day of Crisis
06:59:44 - Ending & Credits

07:11:51 - Staminas Campaign
11:00:55 - Small showcase of costumes + Space minigame
11:14:06 - Artwork gallery