Ju-On: The Grudge - Haunted House Simulator

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Author(s): Spazbo4Spazbo4
System: Wii
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Publication Date: 29/11/2016
YouTube Release: 03/04/2021
Duration: 01:41:41
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Player's Review

A really short game that came out in 2009 that is very rare today and got some people some good views on youtube back then

The controls are the worst I have ever used for a Wii game, looking around is terrible because it is the only way to turn or look at objects, press B to move forward, down on the d-pad for moving backward, shake the wii-mote to quickturn and A for everything else. There is nothing that allows you to run faster and there are some quicktime events that happen that need you to move the controller in a specific direction that are easy but if you mess up then you instantly die and have to start the level over again

When you die or beat a level the game has a fear level that grades your scare level or sissy level, both are graded by how much you shake the controller during jump scares and even though I always get the bad rating for some reason I could never figure out how to make it show the other prompts, there are probably 3 prompts for each zodiac sign that you choose in the beginning of the game, maybe twice as many as that since you get to pick your gender for the scare level

In order to unlock the final level I had to find all the pieces of paper in the 4 main levels and in the hostipal level I tried going back to room 305 to try and get a piece but I messed it up and had to restart the level in order to get it so I did that right after I beat the level then I used death abuse to end the level and go on with the game