Pandora's Tower

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Wii
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Publication Date: 02/05/2017
YouTube Release: 15/04/2021
Duration: 15:29:00
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Player's Review

Hacky-slash game by Ganbarion.

Follow Aeron as he chain some critters to prevent his [cute] buddy Elena from turning into a gruesome critter.

Gameplay involves a time limited expedition into a tower to solve puzzles and fight the boss in the tower. Some towers can't be completed in one go, so you have to leave to give Elena flesh. Luckily, depending on how far you get, you can open shortcuts to get back to where you stopped. Bosses are pretty much big ol' puzzles.

This longplay rips through the game, going for S Ending, which demands having the affinity gauge going helix-y shape. I miss some pages because they be hard to find at times. I DO at least read them for people to enjoy. it IS a longplay after all. For the first few towers, I use the sword for quite awhile. After upgrading the Twinblades and Military Scythe, I end up using those for the other set of towers (CHARGE SPAM GO!). For some towers, I go back in to get the rare item (can get hints from Mavda after completing a tower). At Dawn and Dusk Tower, I take 2 trips to open the Master door, do a small grind on trip 2 (getting flesh to get an item), and then do a big ol' affinity grind by going into random towers to get flesh. All that is cut out. It would've EASILY added a good 1 and a half to 2 hours of footage. As for those red doors? Can't open those unless I beat the game. I don't bother opening those after beating the game. They just contain items that are useless at that point, though one of the towers has the last weapon.

A warning about this game: the NA version, whether it is Wii or Wii U, has a really nasty bug that makes the game freeze when entering a tower. This mostly happens at Blazing Citadel (not as often), Dusk Tower, and Dawn Tower (happens more often in both of those). No one knows why it does that. Not even XSeed. If you see me standing outside a bit before entering, I am using a supposed fix. The bug made me stop playing the game for 3 years. Shame. This is a pretty neat game.