Wii Play: Motion

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Publication Date: 19/05/2019
YouTube Release: 07/04/2021
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Player's Review

Wii Play: Motion, known as Wii Remote Plus Variety in Japan, is a video game for the Wii console and the sequel to the 2006 game Wii Play. It was released in North America on June 13, 2011, Europe on June 24 and in Australia on June 30, 2011. All retail copies of Wii Play: Motion are bundled with a Wii Remote Plus controller (Red in Europe and Black in other regions).

0:01:01 Cone Zone
0:01:01 Scoop Mode
0:03:54 Swirl Mode
0:05:13 Veggis Guardin'
0:05:13 Guard Mode
0:10:36 Recall Mode
0:10:36 Skip Swimmer
0:13:02 Skip Mode
0:16:52 Score Mode
0:19:35 Pose Mii Plus
0:23:53 Trigger Twist - All Stages (almost Marathon Stage)
0:35:07 Jump Park
0:35:07 Gem Hunt
0:43:07 Time Attack
0:46:06 Teeter Targets - Challenge Mode (alomst last Stage cause it's to hard for me)
1:10:08 Spooky Search
1:23:00 Wind Runner
1:23:00 Solo Mode
1:28:33 Long Jump
1:30:15 Time Attack
1:35:00 Treasure Twirl - Solo Mode (almost last Stage cause it's to hard for me)
1:39:00 Flutter Fly - Solo Mode (all stages)
1:48:38 Space Shuttle - Solo Mode (Stage 1-25)

2:35:05 Staff Credits