Chrono Trigger

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Windows
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Publication Date: 28/07/2021
YouTube Release: 01/01/2024
Duration: 28:27:52
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Player's Review

RPG by SquareSOFT. That's right. Soft, not Enix!

Follow a dood as a trip to the fair becomes the greatest adventure ever! Oh, and the dood and the many companions he meet beefs with an intergalactic porcupine.

Gameplay involves Final Fantasy series' ATB system. Jist is: you wait your turn, get your turn...but the enemy also will be attacking while you are choosing your action...unless you play on Wait, but Wait isn't fun! Other than that, it has the usual RPG things! PC version is the same as the iOS/Android version, which is based on the DS version, which is based the PS1 version, but is lacking a few things, like the Atlas.

This longplay plays through the game while trying to swap up party members. Unlike all the versions of the longplay done, this one goes for ALL endings, which means going through a NG+. Dream Project is obtained twice, with one time with non-DS equipment (no Master Crown shenans, for example). Part 1 to 3 are clean save adventure, Part 4 is Lost Sanctum (not worth the effort because items get obsoleted shortly after doing. Only like...3 or so items that good from it) and Dimensional Vortex. Part 5 is NG+ while getting all endings. Cutscenes had to get cut out because I couldn't record it properly.