The game is based on TV show with the same name. There are 5 playable characters matching the actors from the show.

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System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 27/03/2021
YouTube Release: 31/12/2026
Duration: 01:57:19
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Player's Review

NOTE: there is some tearing you can notice in the video. I suppose this is result of bad game optimization. I found a footage of this game recorded from PlayStation 2 and I noticed tearing in that one too.

Well, I can describe gameplay with only 3 words: I PRESS BUTTONS. The main part of the game is pressing sequences of the buttons to do some actions. You cannot control your character directly. The only exclusion is mini games: shooting and some puzzles.

I know, that this game was released also on PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color. Maybe this game is more attractive on the others platforms.

There is also PC version, but it's similar like PS1 version.

The story is pretty simple: you should save a doctor, who did some wrong thins and pissed off bad guys and so on...

After I beat the game, I unlocked all pictures in the gallery. There are some pictures from game cutscenes and real photos with Pamela Anderson and other actors from TV show. There are also movies in the gallery, but you will not see anything new: it's just FMVs, which you can watch during playthrough.

Oh and yes, prepare to most epic battle with final boss in video game history (I warned you).

Time codes:

00:00:57 - Introduction
00:02:05 - Stage 1
00:09:55 - Stage 2
00:16:22 - Stage 3
00:20:26 - Stage 4
00:28:13 - Stage 5
00:32:36 - Stage 6
00:42:02 - Stage 7
00:52:16 - Stage 8
00:59:58 - Stage 9
01:14:31 - Stage 10
01:23:00 - Stage 11
01:33:47 - Stage 12
01:38:18 - Stage 13
01:44:05 - Ending
01:44:38 - Credits
01:48:18 - Gallery