Disney's Dinosaur

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Publication Date: 07/10/2013
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Player's Review

You know that movie "Land Before Time" well it doesn't relate to this masterpiece.

So they made a game related to the film, which involves a top down world which is rather glitchy than anything else (for a 2000 game). No really when going up hills you glitch going up because it either lets you go up or not let you go up at all.

This was also a PAL only release game which lucky for me I'm Australian and I think (someone double check) that this was an Australian Only game for the Playstation 1 (don't know about the other consoles) and yes I own the physical copy of this game.

Levels (Yes I am the master bookmark pile XD ... wait it only counts if it's a long game ... this has chapters GOOD ENOUGH!):
3:00 - Island Paradise
The intro of the game starts like that, I am not controlling any of the movements until I make my first attack.
As Fila you put the egg (Aladar) to safety and then you meet the third character Zini, the crazy monkey that can make getting bored a fun past time (...wat)

18:00 - A Strange New World
"A whole new world" Wait no not singing... Bad me, Bad.
Fila is not with you and in the hub she is having it tough.
Find the fruit meet up with Fila and recover her health.

23:20 - Footprints In The Sand
"Woof!" That is all.

28:26 - Keeping Up With The Hero
Offscreen and they stop walking. Make sure one is just in the screen and you can do this level without throwing the game off a cliff.

34:55 - The Lake
41:49 - Baby Sitting
Whoever made these levels I will hunt you down and kill you... actually "Baby Sitting" was better because the babies actually follow you!

54:37 - Finding Neera
Rushed through this level because honestly it's a short level, you can only make it long attacking every single enemy which is not needed.

58:04 - Confronting Kron
Kron is weak, that's all I can really write about him.

1:07:25 - Unwelcome Guest
Normal attacks won't kill it, that's why I booked it at the start.

1:10:48 - Mountain Lane
Yes I did that at the end of the level for no reason (Also the quote works with it)

1:19:45 - Unpleasant Company
It's alive O.o

1:23:24 - The Final Showdown
"It's the final countdown" oh wait... shoot uh... *Rocky Music*
This boss is very simple... very simple.
Get it's attention
When close to death heal up
Lead it to cliff
Stun and knock off cliff... THE END

If you're just in it for the cutscenes here they are (in order duh):
1:30 - Intro
16:04 - After Island Paradise
22:09 - After A Strange New World
27:25 - After Footprints In The Sand
33:57 - After Keeping Up With The Hero
40:03 - After The Lake
53:28 - After Baby Sitting
57:27 - After Findind Neera
1:06:07 - After Confronting Kron
1:09:13 - After (meeting the) Unwelcome Guest
1:18:33 - After Mountain Lane
1:22:50 - After Unpleasant Company
1:24:57 - After The Final Showdown/Credits

1:28:17 - Encyclopedia
If you want to know stuff about the dinosours (yadda, yadda) I added that in for all of you.

Now if you excuse me I'm going to go die.

Random Fact: Wikipedia doesn't mention about the Playstation 1 version (unless someone adds it to Wikipedia then this fact is flawed... damn you random person!)
Challenge: Count how many times I get lost.

"No saved games found."
So it was all a myth in the end.