007: The World is Not Enough

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 02/04/2016
YouTube Release: 04/04/2023
Duration: 01:45:03
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Player's Review

PlayStation version of the game, 007 - The World is not Enough. This game uses multiple resolutions and is recorded 1:1 keeping the original resolutions. Aspect correcting to 16:9 will make the gameplay more pleasing but will also stretch the fmv.

After the previous 007 outing on ps1, the game returns to first person perspective. The controls are still a little klunky making sidestep/leaning while crouching/zooming/aiming difficult so I don't do a lot of that. It also very easy to get stuck on textures in this game. Speaking of textures, the game looks quite hires for a ps1 game with lots of detailed and varied artwork. The level maps are pretty small which is maybe what allows the game to show them this way.

For better or worse, I play on 007 difficulty while going for the Golden Gun on every level. The requirements to get the gun require speed and accuracy so I wasn't able to show play with most of the weapons such as the various automatic guns and grenades. The end result is more like a speedrun as I don't look around much. If it wasn't for the Golden gun objective I would have played much more conservatively. To get the gun you need to get at least a 16 star rating on the mission. Not that their is any real benefit other than unlocking the few cheat modes in the game.

Like the previous game, it steps things up on the last two levels although the boss fights are certainly much easier in this one.

00:00:00 Intro and Courier Mission
00:08:55 Kings Ransom
00:15:30 Cold Reception
00:22:18 Russian Roulette
00:31:40 Night Watch
00:43:37 Masquerade
00:53:10 Flashpoint
01:03:37 City of Walkways
01:11:51 Turncoat
01:19:31 Fallen Angel
01:32:54 Meltdown