The Simpsons Arcade Game (PSN)

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Author(s): DiggerandIndyDiggerandIndy
System: PlayStation 3
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Publication Date: 21/06/2021
YouTube Release: 31/12/2024
Duration: 00:37:41
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Player's Review

The Simpsons Arcade is infamous for having back luck being stuck in the arcade (unless you count the MS-DOS and Commodore 64 ports) and finally got into consoles for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Unfortunately, as of this playthrough it's been removed from said services, presumably due to copyright issues.

I play as Homer with default settings (it apparently won't let me swap characters when I get a Continue screen, otherwise I would've played all of them). Yes, I die. A lot. That's quite typical for a coin-eating arcade game, but since it's free play I managed to plow through it.