Bomberman Max 2: Blue Advance

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Author(s): Charlie9631Charlie9631
System: Game Boy Advance
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Publication Date: 03/12/2018
YouTube Release: 30/12/2022
Duration: 03:49:53
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Player's Review

My first GBA game I've ever longplayed.

I couldn't believe how they can handle such awesome soundtracks in this game. My most favorite is definitely the mini games that you get to certain targets to win items for a level, meanwhile the best one imo is the 5th world (screw that world).

The game is pretty long and strict. To get a good ending you need to get at least 80% or better (which is basically ALL the levels in the game). Only then will toy achieve that ending. Otherwise you will get a sad ending. That's why I had to go back and forward to get a good ending. But we can't blame them because it's naturally designed for Gameboy Advance.

Other than that's it's self explanatory and it's pretty much similar to Super Bomberman 2, when you complete mission and open the gate.

I love this game, fun to play and even better, if you can link 2 GBA each other, you'll be able to go to the Pitch area, here you can access levels that each version (blue and red) doesn't have. you can eventually reach 100% and get the best ending in the game.

Hope you enjoy this longplay! Smile