Pyuu To Fuku! Jaguar Byuu To Deru! Megane-Kun

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: Game Boy Advance
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Publication Date: 30/03/2019
YouTube Release: 05/08/2023
Duration: 01:32:01
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Player's Review that defies all genres! Konami. Have 3D glasses handy!

Follow a dude with a recorder as he...I guess tries to find a...Hama person. I dun understand, so...NO PLOT!

Gameplay involves attacking with the recorder and some platforming. You can also summon one of three helpers randomly. There's also a shop. Enemies also drop an item to do a bonus round to get extra health. Each stage has one.

This longplay gets to the end of the game while trying to figure out WHAT the hell is going on! Jumping spin slash is spammed because I like going fast! I get max health early chance at seeing the OTHER bonus games. Shame.