Pinball Fantasies

Pinball Fantasies, Jaguar conversion by Spidersoft and Published by 21st century Entertainment in 1995.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Atari Jaguar
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Publication Date: 18/09/2022
YouTube Release: 27/04/2023
Duration: 01:48:13
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Player's Review

"Turn your Jaguar into the ultimate amusement arcade with Pinball Fantasies - the greatest pinball simulator ever. This classic game offers four scorchingly addictive tables with the most realistic ball movement you'll ever see in a video game. If you're looking for instant playability, speed and excitement, Pinball Fantasies is the game for you."

This feels like a very buggy version of the game although no surprises there with Spidersoft involved. It feels like they replaced the original games physics engine with their own as the ball never goes where you need it to and makes what should be simple shots insanely difficult. It feels like a rushed conversion with some table lights not working and sometimes even events not happening as expected. If you notice the screen jumping its likely me hitting the knock/tilt function to attempt to alter the balls movement.

How much of that is due to the game or emulation I do not know. The sound can get crackly at times which i suspect is more an emu issue although running a game in ntsc instead of pal could cause that, but jaguar carts seem to be mostly world wide releases so should account for both anyway. Although i recorded in 60fps ntsc, the game is definitely best played in pal for the extra resolution.

In the longplay I play through each table and show as many of the table features as I can. The crazy physics makes it challenging and takes a while. I did discover that the game has a difficulty setting and defaults to hard. I don't know what easy setting would have changed. The video closes playing out the full title music. If there is a redeeming feature it that the ball doesn't gravitate to the out lanes. problem i find in modern pinball games is that the tables are purpose built to put the ball out of play as quick as possible, especially those from zen studios. Ramps lining up perfectly with the out lanes for example requiring very quick table push reflex to knock the ball in another direction.

00:00:00 Partyland
00:22:25 Speed Demon
00:48:25 Billion Dollar Gameshow
01:11:20 Stones n Bones
01:43:25 Title Music in full