Zool 2

Zool 2, Jaguar conversion by Imagitec (now part of Gremlin) and published by Atari in 1994.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Atari Jaguar
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Publication Date: 20/09/2022
YouTube Release: 01/05/2023
Duration: 01:32:58
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Player's Review

"Zool and his daring and lovely sidekick Zooz face a challenge that would wilt the knees of even the toughest Ninja. The Nth Dimension is under attack from the evil forces of Krool. Our heroes must restore the Nth Dimension to equilibrium and exile Mental Block and his mind-numbing cronies before imagination is wiped out of existence. Zoon the two-headed intergalactic wonder-canine will help, but you'll need skills from the Nth Dimension to save imagination!"

I enjoyed Zool on the Amiga but was left disappointed with zool 2. The crazy layout of the levels, invisible and temporary platforms, the way the character moves and most of all the music. I never liked the in-game music which was a let-down after the upbeat remixed Zool title music. The Mega-Drive and Snes versions of Zool which have Zool 2 features remains my favourite way to play the game.

Jaguar Zool2 is much the same as the Amiga version with enhanced graphics. However, the controls can feel hypersensitive at times with the character moving so quick and not going where you want it to go. It doesn't help that I went with the default setting of inertia on. If the Jaguar game has any redeeming feature, it's that it is probably the best version of Zool 2.

I went with PAL for this game for its extra resolution, slightly slower movement speed and correct music speed. In the longplay I pretty much to run and jump and shoot my way to victory in a way that looks really bad and sloppy but gets the job done. I feel the game wants to be a sonic clone so much but stops short because you rarely get to move zool at speed due to constant avoidance of enemies, obstacles and wall climbing.

00:00:00 Titles
00:01:20 Swan Lake
00:15:00 Bulberry Hill
00:29:02 Tooting Common
00:47:12 Snaking Pass
01:03:20 Mount ices
01:18:23 Mental Blockage
01:28:55 Quick play with Inertia off and Game over